ICF/ID Administrative Expert

With over 30 years’ experience in the administration of ICF/ID facilities, Marilyn offers providers the expertise necessary to evaluate a provider's systems to ensure quality care is provided to consumers and regulatory compliance is maintained.

  • Regulatory Training and Evaluation: Quality assurance reviews via the provision of mock surveys in both licensure and certification requirements/ plan of correction preparation and implementation assuring the system wide compliance is maintained

  • Incident Investigation and Reporting: Independent implementation of incident investigations and reports/ Development of reporting and tracking systems/ training for direct service professionals and managers on incident and accident reporting requirements and investigations

  • Behavior Support Planning and Trainings: Assessment and development of behavioral implementation strategies both consumer individualized and facility practice related/ training in facility practice standards and interdisciplinary planning process

  • Staff Development: regulatory requirements, survey process, policy development, active treatment, resident rights, major unusual incidents, abuse/neglect investigations, ID Professional development and interdisciplinary process